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April 18, 2019
Ben Gruenstein and Dave Stuart Participate in Momentum's 2019 A.C.E.S. Compliance Summit

Cravath partners Benjamin Gruenstein and David M. Stuart participated in the A.C.E.S. Compliance Summit, which was presented by Momentum and held April 16‑17, 2019, at American University’s Washington School of Law in Washington, DC. The event convened subject matter experts in anti‑bribery, anti‑corruption, trade controls and sanctions challenges on a global regulatory scale to discuss tools and strategies for companies with both domestic and global operations. Ben moderated a panel entitled “Government Compliance Roundtable: Examining the Convergence of ABAC‑International Trade and the Current Priorities and Targets for Enforcement, Cooperation, Coordinated Investigations and Voluntary Disclosure,” which featured enforcement officials from the Department of Justice, the Securities & Exchange Commission, and the Office of Foreign Assets Control. Dave moderated a panel entitled “Anti‑Corruption/Anti‑Bribery Update from the Office of the Whistleblower: Uncovering Recent Proposed Changes to the Whistleblower Rules,” which featured panelists Jane Norberg, Chief of the SEC’s Office of the Whistleblower and Joseph Bonaccorsi, General Counsel of Akorn Pharmaceutical.