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The Cravath System

Our partners come from the ranks of our own associates. Our policy is to take the most talented law students and entrust their training only to ourselves. We rotate our associates at all levels of seniority among different partner groups within their department to develop broad expertise in all our practice areas. This combination of natural talent, common training and broad experience produces partners and associates who consistently perform at the very top of the legal profession.
Paul Cravath

The System’s History

Early in the 20th century, Paul Cravath created the model for the modern law firm. The mission of Cravath’s system was to train associates rigorously and promote exclusively from within.

The Rotation System

Our Firm’s unique position in the legal profession is built on our distinctive system of developing outstanding law students into outstanding lawyers. Our rotation system provides the broad experience needed to develop sound legal and business judgment.
Rotation System