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Cravath has worked within the retail sector for decades. The Firm has represented virtually all types of retail establishments, from luxury goods conglomerates and large department store chains to big box retailers and specialty purveyors. With the advent of the digital age, Cravath has also been called upon to advise leading e‑commerce players as well as traditional brick‑and‑mortar companies growing their online footprint.

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Cravath Represents MTN Group Limited in Connection with Jumia Technologies AG’s IPO
Cravath Represents JPMorgan Chase in Connection with VF Corporation’s $2.25 Billion Five‑Year Revolving Credit Facility
Cravath Represents JPMorgan Chase Bank in Connection with The Home Depot’s $1 Billion 364‑Day Revolving Credit Facility
Cravath Represents JPMorgan Chase and Citibank in Connection with WalMart’s $16.8 Billion of Credit Facilities