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In Their Own Words

Our associates had the following to say about their experiences at Cravath.


“Cravath has been the ideal place to begin my legal career—the content of my work has been interesting and varied, my interactions with clients have been meaningful and the relationships I have developed with my colleagues have enhanced my learning and professional development. Almost invariably, each new transaction has presented novel challenges and has resulted in my acquiring additional knowledge and developing new skills. The Cravath model does require that associates assume a tremendous amount of responsibility for transactions, yet the advice and support I have always received from my colleagues, including the partners, has made the learning process and my day-to-day work both enjoyable and rewarding.”

Seventh-year Corporate Associate


“My experience at Cravath can be summed up in one word—‘training.’ Since the first day that I have been here, I’ve had access to a wealth of resources—individual time with partners, challenging and supportive colleagues and the extensive internal CLE training system—all aimed towards training me to serve our clients efficiently and effectively. As someone who worked for several years before entering law school, my greatest concern in selecting a firm to begin my legal career was not moving backwards with respect to my responsibility level. I chose Cravath because of its training, which is focused on equipping associates, as quickly as possible, with the skills necessary to individually serve clients. These training resources continue to benefit me as a mid-level associate, as I am challenged with new areas of the law and new clients.”

Seventh-year Corporate Associate


“The mentoring program provides a tremendous opportunity for associates. My partner mentor has been an invaluable resource since I first started at the Firm, is always approachable and dedicates time to having candid discussions with me. My ability to talk with her about both specific questions and about my work in general have enhanced my experience at the Firm. Complementing this program, the mentoring and training provided by my assigned partner equips me with the necessary tools to sharpen my skills on both a substantive and stylistic level. By working closely with each of her team members on an individual level, my partner ensures that we can serve our clients effectively and efficiently. I appreciate the sincere interest she and my mentor have taken in my professional development.”

Sixth-year Litigation Associate


“Cravath offers litigation associates the opportunity to learn a skill set that is transferable to any area of law. Cravath’s model of teaching its associates does not breed securities litigators or intellectual property litigators, but rather litigators pure and simple without the labels. That is, Cravath’s system does not limit its associates to understanding the substance of the law, but rather goes a step further in teaching associates how to approach and tackle the law.”

Sixth-year Litigation Associate


“Cravath’s rotation system has allowed me to develop practical and substantive legal skills very early in my career. Each rotation has brought me the opportunity to become proficient in a new practice area with the added benefit—and challenge—of the chance to develop a true depth of knowledge and experience during the course of the rotation. Further, Cravath’s system fosters an environment conducive to training, teamwork, and mutual support, as attorneys bring their own unique experiences (both professional and otherwise) to each rotation as they work in a new environment with a new set of colleagues. I am sure that there is no better way for a new associate to quickly and effectively learn the practice of law.”

Fourth-year Corporate Associate


“At Cravath, the people are friendly and genuinely interested in your outside life and your work. The people here are razor-sharp but also collegial. Just about everyone—whether they are right out of law school or if they took some time off before coming to the Firm—is happy to share their backgrounds and stories. It’s a lively place filled with interesting and approachable people.”

Fourth-year Litigation Associate