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New York

Cravath’s New York office is located at Worldwide Plaza, a 50-story complex of office, residential, retail and public spaces.

Interesting facts about Worldwide Plaza:

  • Worldwide Plaza sits on the site that from 1925 to 1968 was the location of Madison Square Garden.
  • The construction of the building was the subject of a book, Skyscraper, by Karl Sabbagh. PBS aired a miniseries of the same name.
  • The building is the 16th tallest skyscraper in Manhattan and stands 778 feet (50 stories) tall.
  • The office tower, the section of Worldwide Plaza where Cravath is located, contains 1.5 million square feet of space.
  • The 200-ton pyramid that tops the building is referred to as “David’s Diamond,” after architect David Childs.