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Practice Overview

General Corporate

Cravath regularly advises many of its corporate clients on a wide range of corporate and securities law matters, including the review of periodic SEC filings and regulatory submissions by clients. It has been our experience that working together with our clients on a broad range of general corporate issues and periodic SEC filings has contributed greatly to our understanding of their businesses, which has in turn enhanced our level of service on transactional and litigation matters. With the enactment of the Sarbanes‑Oxley and Dodd‑Frank Acts, as well as increased focus on good corporate governance and controls, clients often seek comprehensive advice on serious governance, accounting and financial reporting matters. In these cases, Cravath is able to call upon its experience in dealing with corporate, litigation and regulatory issues to assist each client in formulating a specific plan to address and successfully resolve its particular challenges.

The corporate governance issues facing companies today continue to grow in complexity at a tremendous rate. The Firm’s capabilities have kept pace with these changes through our numerous engagements at the forefront of corporate governance matters, and in industries ranging from industrials and chemicals to the rapidly emerging blockchain and financial technology (FinTech) sector. Many institutional shareholders, including government employee funds and activist hedge funds, have stepped up their efforts to pressure public companies and their boards of directors to adopt new corporate governance standards and often to make significant changes in their corporate strategy. These matters often require the direct involvement of the outside members of the board of directors. Cravath’s advice to clients on major merger and acquisition transactions and litigation and regulatory matters over the years has provided our Firm with extensive experience in guiding boards of directors in these new and complex corporate issues.