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Professional Development

Cravath is an exceptional place to begin and build your career. Our distinguished lawyers and clients—along with our unique training system and collaborative environment—provide an unparalleled opportunity for professional and personal development. For two centuries, Cravath has been widely recognized as the premier law firm for developing the finest lawyers. For exceptional law students eager to face the challenges and reap the benefits of practicing law at the highest level, Cravath is the logical next step.
Our rotations are designed to challenge associates with a variety of professional experiences.

Rotation System Objectives

We invest significant effort in the continuing development of our lawyers. Our system is designed to develop counselors with diverse areas of knowledge and experience, who provide comprehensive advice to our clients in their most challenging and complex matters.

Rotations in Practice

Learn more about how rotations work in each of our departments: CorporateLitigationTaxExecutive Compensation and BenefitsTrusts and Estates.


As powerful as our rotation system is, it becomes more meaningful when supplemented by our traditional training programs and mentoring, both of which are practical, substantive and designed to prepare and support our associates.