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Title Date Industry Practice
Evan Norris Speaks at 2019 International Summit on Investigations and Compliance in Buenos Aires 9/13/19   Litigation
Rich Clary Speaks on Panel at Vanderbilt Law School's 2019 International Class Actions Conference 8/26/19   Litigation
Evan Norris Speaks at Global Cities III Conference at Columbia Law School 6/24/19   Litigation
Yonatan Even Speaks at Tel Aviv University's "Antitrust New Frontiers" Conference 6/11/19 Technology Litigation
Maggie D'Amico Speaks at the IBA's 15th Annual Competition Mid-Year Conference 6/10/19   Litigation
Evan Norris Speaks at the IBA's 22nd Annual Transnational Crime Conference in Buenos Aires 5/24/19   Litigation
Cravath Advises on More Than $100 Billion in Announced Deals in Two Week Period 5/22/19 Energy and Mining Corporate
Andy Pitts Speaks on Investment Banking Compliance at SIFMA's C&L Annual Seminar 3/27/19 Financial Institutions Corporate
Damien Zoubek Speaks at the IBA's 2019 Mergers and Acquisitions in Latin America Conference 3/25/19   Corporate
Richard Hall Speaks at the 31st Tulane Corporate Law Institute 3/25/19   Corporate
Julie North Speaks at GCR Live's Antitrust Law Leaders Forum 2/5/19   Litigation
Rory Millson Awards IACNY's Eighth Annual Smit‑Lowenfeld Prize 1/24/19   Litigation
Damien Zoubek and Jon Katz Participate in the IBA's 2018 Corporate Governance Conference 12/7/18   Corporate
Alyssa Caples Chairs Panel at "Capital Markets in the 21st Century" Conference 12/4/18   Corporate
Bob Townsend's M&A Expertise Highlighted in Law360's MVP Series 11/30/18 Telecommunications Corporate
Richard Hall's M&A Expertise Highlighted in Law360's MVP Series 11/30/18 Industrial and Chemicals Corporate
Christine Varney Moderates Panel at PLI's 2018 Hot Topics for In-House Counsel Conference 11/30/18   Litigation
Dave Kappos Moderates Panel at the LeadershIP EU Conference 11/21/18 Technology Corporate
Richard Hall Speaks at the IBA's 2018 Private Equity Transactions Symposium 11/15/18   Corporate
Tim Cameron Speaks at the IBA's "New Frontiers of ADR" Conference 11/14/18   Litigation
Daniel Slifkin Speaks on Leadership Through Change at the 2018 IBA Conference 10/18/18   Litigation
Evan Norris Speaks at IPBA Latin American Regional Conference in Santiago 10/9/18   Litigation
Ben Gruenstein Speaks at The Conference Board's Global Business Conduct Council Program 10/9/18   Litigation
Evan Norris Speaks at the IBA's 21st Annual Transnational Crime Conference 6/12/18   Litigation
General Data Protection Regulation 5/21/18 Technology Corporate
Evan Norris Moderates Panel at ACI's New York FCPA Conference 5/18/18   Litigation
Cravath Shortlisted for The American Lawyer and Legal Week's 2018 Transatlantic Legal Awards 5/14/18   Corporate
Philip Boeckman Participates in Legal Week's Global Independent Law Firms Forum 4/27/18   Corporate
Update on United States Sanctions Against Russia 4/17/18   Litigation
Law360 Selects Four Cravath Partners for 2018 Editorial Advisory Boards 4/2/18 Broadcasting, Media and Entertainment Corporate
Evan Norris Speaks at C5's "Anti‑Corruption Switzerland" Conference in Zurich 3/20/18 Financial Institutions Litigation
Ben Gruenstein Participates in the 2018 Global Forum on Corporate Criminal Liability 3/16/18   Litigation
John Buretta Serves as Co-Editor of The Cartels and Leniency Review 3/13/18   Litigation
Damien Zoubek Co-Chairs Panel Session at the IBA's 2018 "Mergers and Acquisitions in India" Conference 3/9/18   Corporate
Scott Bennett Chairs, and LizAnn Eisen Speaks at, PLI's 2018 Securities Offerings Conference 3/5/18   Corporate
George Schoen Moderates Panel at the IBA's Mergers and Acquisitions in the Technology Sector Conference 2/28/18 Technology Corporate
John White Moderates Panel at PLI's Annual Institute on Securities Regulation in Europe 2/6/18   Corporate
Damien Zoubek Co‑Chairs and Speaks at the IBA's 2017 Corporate Governance Conference 12/8/17   Corporate
Richard Hall Participates in the International Bar Association's 2017 Annual Conference 11/10/17   Corporate
John Buretta Speaks at the IBA's Latin American Anti‑Corruption Enforcement and Compliance Conference 11/7/17   Litigation
John Buretta Speaks at Ethisphere's London Ethics & Compliance Forum 11/1/17   Litigation
Evan Norris Honored by the National Association of Former U.S. Attorneys with the 2017 Bradford Award 10/23/17   Litigation
John Buretta Moderates Panel at the New York City Bar Association's Program on Trends in FCPA Enforcement 10/3/17 Financial Institutions Litigation