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Interview Schedule

During the 2020 recruiting season, we will visit 16 law schools and attend 10 job fairs in an effort to meet a broad spectrum of outstanding law students.

We seek accomplished and driven students who have a specific interest in working at Cravath.

Time constraints prevent us from visiting as many schools as we would like. Therefore, we strongly encourage qualified applicants whom we are unable to meet to apply to us directly by sending a cover letter, along with a copy of their resume and transcript.

Law SchoolDate
Brigham Young University NY Interview ProgramTBD
Columbia UniversityTBD
Cornell Law School Job FairTBD
Duke UniversityTBD
Emory Job FairTBD
Fordham UniversityTBD
George Washington NY Job FairTBD
Georgetown UniversityTBD
Harvard Law SchoolTBD
Howard UniversityTBD
Lavender Law Career FairTBD
LeGal LGBT Career FairTBD
New York UniversityTBD
Northeast BLSA Job FairTBD
Northwestern UniversityTBD
Stanford Law SchoolTBD
UC Berkeley School of LawTBD
University of ChicagoTBD
University of MichiganTBD
University of PennsylvaniaTBD
University of Texas at AustinTBD
University of Texas NY Job FairTBD
University of VirginiaTBD
Vanderbilt NY Job FairTBD
Yale Law SchoolTBD