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Litigation Legal Assistants

Litigation legal assistants support our lawyers in all phases of the litigation practice, from pre-complaint investigation to trial and appeal.

The Litigation Legal Assistant Department operates in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment. Each of our litigation lawyers works in teams covering a variety of matters for various clients, and they rotate from team to team approximately every 18 months. Generally, teams consist of a partner, several associates and several legal assistants. The legal assistants are reassigned as the needs of the department change over time.

Legal assistants accompany attorneys to court and assist in preparing exhibits, pleadings and other court submissions. They frequently travel both within the U.S. and internationally for a variety of assignments. This unique environment fosters close working relationships between legal assistants and attorneys and among legal assistants. Cravath believes in the importance of training for our legal assistants. Upon joining the Firm, litigation legal assistants attend a thorough orientation and substantive training program consisting of database and other software training and presentations relating to discovery and the practice of litigation.

Legal assistants who excel in their responsibilities can advance to the position of case manager. Case managers coordinate the activities of the legal assistants on their teams and perform their own assignments. Serving as a liaison between the attorneys and legal assistants on the team, the case manager balances the workload among team members, supervises large team assignments, such as document production and database management, coordinates overtime schedules and forecasts staffing needs.

Past members of the Litigation Legal Assistant Department have found that the rigorous and collaborative working environment provides excellent preparation for graduate study and other professional employment.

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